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READING Fresh Air by Pastor Chris Hodges

So, currently I have been walking through the New York Times Bestseller entitled Fresh Air: Trading stale spiritual obligation for a life-altering, energizing, experience-it-everyday relationship with God by Pastor Chris Hodges of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL.

So for Day 17 of #BlogLikeCrazy and #SelfCareSaturday I will be providing a quick overview/book review of the above book.

Currently, there are two reasons why I am reading/walking through the pages of this book:

I am a member of Church of the Highlands, and Pastor Christ is our Senior Pastor
I am currently enrolled as a 1st semester student in the Certificate of Ministry Leadership program at Church of the Highlands Bible College, named Highlands College, and this book is required reading as part of our Personal Leadership curriculum.

Currently, I have made it to and through Chapter 10. The book holds a total of 14 chapters….so this my review up to Chapter 10.

Currently, my favorite aspect about the book is the candid and practical way Pastor Chris explains Biblical principles through real-life experiences, namely his own as well as through the stories of people in the Bible.

Theological topics and life principles you may find discussed within this book up to Chapter 10 deal primarily with strengthening our relationship with God and people, understanding God’s love, having an eternal perspective about life, having a life-giving attitude, understanding the authority of the Word of God, the importance of prayer, worship, and God’s love language, and financial stewardship.

Currently, I am enjoying every minute of this book and how Pastor Chris’ examples of living a life-giving Christian life though each of the theological principles, he discusses, are so relatable to my own personal walk with Christ.

Whether or not you are a Church of the Highlands member I highly recommend checking out a copy of this book. It will definitely be a breath of experience-it-everyday Fresh Air in a mundane world, and teach you how to experience true life found only in Jesus!

You can find Fresh Air anywhere books are sold (Audible, Amazon, B&N, etc.)
Until next time…

Write from the Heart,

{Just Being} Candice Maria


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